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Supplier links

Click on one of the suppliers below to go their website.
It should be noted that not all our suppliers' products are available in Europe and the Netherlands. Ask for information if you have questions about this.

Creavisie is importer for the Netherlands for:

 - Nabertherm (kilns)
 - Skutt (kilns, pottery wheels) 
 - Shimpo (pottery wheels, pugmills, etc.)
 - G&S (clay)
 - Fuchs/Sibelco (clay)
 - Witgert (clay)
 - Botz (brush-on glaze)
 - Potclays
 and others.

Creavisie is supplier of:

 - Roderveld (pottery wheels, kilns, etc.)
 - Talens (artist supplies)
and others.