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Clay - Other brands


Westerwald clay

Packaged in 10 kg - reclosable plastic bags (12.5x12.5x31cm)

Many different sorts, colors and grogged bodies standard in stock. Diverse soorten, kleuren en chamotteringen op voorraad. Including an extra black firing clay with black chamotte!

Casting clay Witgert

Packaged in 10 kg - reclosable plastic bucket. Ready to use casting clay in different types and colors: white, red, black and anthracite.


Also a casting equivalent to the Mont Blanc no.11 porcelain.

 SiO2 - Ceramica Collet


Packaged in 12,5kg - vacuum sealed plastic 




Extra black firing Spanish clay

Packaged in 12,5 kg - vacuum sealed plastic (8.5x19.5x36cm)

This extra black clay is available in a fine (40%0-0.5mm), coarse (40%0-2.0mm) and extra coarse (40%2.0-3.0mm) variant. All types directly available from stock.


Craft crank

Packaged in 12,5 kg - reclosable plastic bag (±12.5x19x33cm)

English coarse grogged clay.